You Talk Too Much

One of the most common things we hear from the clients who haven’t yet seen us perform is, “We don’t want a DJ who talks too much or makes it all about him.”

This is certainly understandable and while we agree, the issue is how to make sure you get what you think you’re getting.  It’s not really how much the DJ speaks, but how well the DJ speaks.  Some people are easy to listen to, and others, not so much.  A speaker who is well spoken, enunciates well, is concise and engaging is a pleasure to hear, but one who doesn’t choose their words well, stumbles and rambles is a chore.

Nobody ever intends to hire a bad DJ, or one who isn’t good on the microphone, but how do you make sure what you’re getting?  Checking references is the best.  Ask several of their previous clients specifically about their speaking skills.  Ask to see video of the DJ making announcements.

Or, just watch this bad example.  This video is taken from a training video on how to be a good DJ.  We disagree.  We think this is everything that’s wrong with DJs.  If this is what you want, you won’t want to hire Premier Entertainment.