It’s “The Same Thing.”

It’s very difficult to sell our service to those who haven’t seen it. 

It’s difficult, because all “DJs” do “the same thing,” but only in the same sense that a running faucet is “the same thing” as Niagara Falls.   It would be unlikely that someone would describe a running faucet as breathtaking, or travel very far to see it. 

Imagine an amateur magician  doing “the same thing” as Penn & Teller.   Now imagine an amateur DJ at your wedding reception.  Ouch.

Analogies abound, but like any other kind of performance, “the same thing” doesn’t mean the same as “the same result.”

I play golf, just like Phil Mickelson.  He just scores a little less. 

I’m married, just like Tiger Woods.   He just scores a little more.

So I guess it depends on what we’re comparing.  I think Tiger is a better golfer than I, but I think I’m a better husband.

All DJs do “the same thing,” and while we’re flattered to be copied so frequently, it’s frustrating trying to explain to potential clients why some DJs charge less for “the same thing.” 

Ever see a great comedian?  Ever see someone “trying to be funny?”

Ever hear an extraordinary singer?  Ever hear someone “try to sing?”

There are a lot of DJs out there who try to do “the same thing” as Premier Entertainment, but who get a completely different result.  Groans instead of laughter, silence instead of applause, empty dance floors instead of a raging celebration.

So it’s difficult for us, because we certainly don’t want to be bashing other DJs, but we often find ourselves in the unenviable position of trying to explain the difference between what we do and what others do. 

Sure, McDonald’s does “the same thing” as Biba.  But it’s a different experience, no?  Now I realize that Biba is not a restaurant you go to every day – only on special occasions.  But isn’t your wedding day a special occasion?   Don’t you and your guests deserve a better experience?

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