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When planning my own wedding, I had a big advantage over most brides and grooms.  I had already been in the wedding business for a few years, so I knew most of the other vendors pretty well.  I didn’t have to worry about getting any bad vendors, because I knew who they were.  I had only to choose from the good ones.  When we had to find a bridal photographer in Lake Tahoe, I quickly narrowed the list to just a few, and then my fiancé and I quickly chose Christopher Kight.

Now Chris won’t like me saying this, but I didn’t choose him because of his artistic skills as a photographer.  Truth be told, all good photography looks pretty much the same to me.

My wife can tell the difference, because she has an eye for such things, but for me, if I look at a photo and their heads aren’t cut off and their eyes aren’t red, that’s a good shot.

I chose Chris because from the very first time I worked with him, I realized that he “gets it.”  He understands that a wedding day isn’t a photo shoot which gets interrupted by a wedding, but rather a wedding day at which photos will be taken.  He is an artist, something of a renaissance man, but he’s not so full of himself that he thinks the day is about him.  His goal has always been to capture the events and the emotions of the day, as they occur.  Studio work should be done in a studio, and he has a great studio for that, but at the wedding and reception, he wants couples to enjoy their day.

He’s fast.  I mean, really, really fast.  It may not seem like much, but saving a few seconds on each photo, multiplied by hundreds of photos means getting to spend those valuable minutes with friends and family.

He’s funny.  He takes his job very seriously, but he doesn’t take himself so seriously.  He makes me laugh and he makes others laugh and feel at ease, important for getting fun, natural images throughout the day.

Oh, and by the way, he’s an excellent photographer.  Some of the area’s best photographers trained under Chris.  He’s taught wedding photography as a college course and has mentored countless photographers in his 20+ years in business.

But he never loses his sense of fun, and that’s what caused me to hire him.  I knew I wanted, more than anything else, for my wedding to be fun and that meant having only fun people there.  I’m sure there are plenty of photographers who are as good as him technically, but I wanted someone fun.

Remember this:  On your wedding day, you will spend more time with your photographer than anyone else.  You must like him.  No, you must LOVE him.  (Or her!)  In those most personal moments, you need someone who “gets it.”  Chris “gets it.”

Chris and I have become great friends over the years.  We play golf together every week, and even though I trounce him mercilessly every week, he never gets mad or surly.  Oh sure, every now and then he runs me over with a golf cart or hits me with a golf ball, but he’s always smiling when he does these things.

He has great packages, great prices, great photos, great staff and customer service and the photographers who work for him are always outstanding as well.  He gets my highest rating!

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