Dave Barry On Grooms

From my June 10th Dave Barry calendar:

“Don’t tell me that the groom can help with the wedding plans.  Please.  The groom is useless.  Statistically speaking, something like 92 percent of all grooms are male.  If you let males plan weddings you are going to end up with Skee Ball at the reception.  No, the groom dropped out of the picture minutes after he proposed.  For all the bride knows, he has been kidnapped by aliens.  It does not matter.  The bride must pluge grimly ahead, making decision after decision, day after stressful day, night after sleepless night, until she has, at most, two remaining marbles.” – Dave Barry

Funny, but not exactly true.  (Well, maybe the Skee-Ball part – can you imagine how much the guys would LOVE that?)  I can’t speak for other vendors, but we’re pretty lucky – most of our grooms are very much interested in helping to put together a fun and exciting wedding and they love helping with the planning for this part of it, at least.   Our only issue is sometimes trying to get grooms to understand that this isn’t just about music, but about the entire feel of the day.  Once they get that, they have a blast with planning.

Maybe we should add a portable Skee-Ball game?

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