Electing Your Entertainment

On Tuesday, November 2nd, we went to the polls to elect our leaders.  We watched as millions and millions of dollars were spent marketing and packaging candidates to make everyone look good, so that we would vote for them. 

But really, most of the time, most of the money and effort were spent trying to smear the other side.  It’s icky.  I began thinking about how we, as entertainers make our case to you, the consumer, to get you to “vote” for us.  I often talk about the difference between what we do and what other DJs do, but because I don’t want to “smear” other DJs, most of the information is kept from clients.

Because we own a videography company, I have a lot of video of other DJs in action.  Frankly, most of it is mediocre at best at embarrassing at worst, but I can’t show that footage to clients who are searching without looking like I’m slinging mud.  I just had a client tell me that they chose another DJ company who they think will offer the same service we do at a lower price.  It was a great couple with whom I really connected and for whom I really wanted to create an awesome experience, so I was quite disappointed to find out they had chosen someone else. 

Beyond my own personal disappointment, I know they’ll probably end up “satisfied,” but I also know they won’t get the quality of experience for their guests they would have had here.  I know, because I have footage of that DJ trying to copy our style of fun, personal introductions and really, it’s almost embarrassing how poorly it’s done.  But I can’t say that, can I?  If they saw the video of that company trying to do what we do, they’d be shocked, but they’ll never see it, because I just can’t do that.

What would YOU want me to do if you YOU were that client?  Be gracious and wish you well, knowing full well that you aren’t getting what you think you are, or say, “Wait.  Let me show you something!”  I suspect most would elect for me to take the high road, which I did, as always.  Unfortunately, at almost every wedding where we perform, we are approached by guests who tell us what a great time they had, and who wish they had known about us for their wedding.  They usually tell us their DJ was, “fine” or “ok” but no comparison to what they’d just seen.

We’re not going to play dirty politics.  I’ll show video of our performances and I’ll even show other DJs, usually from out of the area or if we can show a video without divulging who the DJ was, I’ll do that so our clients can see the difference, but much like elections, the best doesn’t always win.  Sometimes it’s whoever spent the most money marketing or who simply offered to do the “same thing” at a lower price, only to disappoint on the big day.

If you knew what the real voting records of candidates was, it would be easier to choose.  Make sure you know what the real performance skills are for your Master Of Ceremonies or DJ, not just a bunch of people dancing.  Dancing is the easy part.  Make sure you choose someone who can make your reception fun for everyone for the first two hours, not just the last two hours.

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2 Responses to “Electing Your Entertainment”
  1. Steve and Terry Heminger says:


    Your service is worth every $. You gave us the most memorable wedding reception anyone could every ask for.

    We told you what we wanted and expected and you not only met but exceeded our expectations.

    Our guests are still talking about the fact that it was the “Best Wedding Reception Ever” and where did you find the MC and DJ. You kept party atmosphere going and kept the guests involved just as we said we wanted.

    Thank you, Thank you , Thank you…..we are sad it is over.

    Steve and Terry Heminger

    • Randy says:

      Hey there! I loved working with you and your coordinator. Stephanie was outstanding! I’ll be blogging more about your wedding in the next couple of days, so keep your eyes out for that.

      I just love working with great clients like you. Your daughters were fun, grandma Hazel was so gracious, and a fun group of people overall. Steve was rocking the dance floor!


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