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On July 16, Paul & Kelly were married.  They liked it so much, they did it again the next day!

On Friday the 16th, they held a small Catholic ceremony for family only, and then the following day, had a beautful outdoor ceremony at the Croatian-American Cultural Center, followed by a rocking reception inside.

Kelly is from Sacramento and Paul is from Chicago, where Kelly went to teach elementary school.  They came back for their reception, and since Kelly was a Premier Entertainment Dancer/Party Motivator back when we used to perform at all the great Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, she knew she wanted us for her wedding.

It was fabulous.  Christopher Kight was the photographer and he helped us create a great little surprise.  We produced a video montage for Paul and Kelly and I had Chris send me a few photos right after their ceremony.  We added those photos, plus some same day photos and video from Saturday into their video montage.  It was awesome!

For the reception, they used Premier Video to capture the day.  Highlights included  Personalized Wedding Party Introductions, a fun centerpiece giveaway, an Anniversary Dance, custom voice-overs for both the father-daughter dance and the mother-son dance, a Top Ten List of reasons why Paul & Kelly should be married, a Chicago Bears football/garter toss, a Love Story, a video montage and about three hours of a kicking dance floor, including some time spent dancing on the head table!  (Got in a little trouble for that.)

Since Kelly’s dad’s name is also Paul, it made for some funny moments, but with Kelly’s sister Katie serving as Maid Of Honor, it was going to be funny anyway.  She’s a riot!

Paul’s family had a great time experiencing a California style reception and when it finally all ended, the dance floor was still filled and no one wanted to leave. 

I like that.

Here are some video highlights!

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5 Responses to “Paul & Kelly – Croatian American Center”
  1. Kelly Rokosz says:

    Randy, you are truly the BEST! You summed up our wedding perfectly- an amazing party, filled with beautiful, touching, personal moments. We had a fantastic time, and so did all of our guests! I can’t even count the number of times someone said, “This was the best wedding I’ve ever been to!” We heard it from our friends, our parents’ friends, even our wedding party. We even received thank you notes from guests for inviting them and showing them such a wonderful time! When does that happen?

    Randy- Thank you so much for everything! We couldn’t have had such a great day without all that you did. From the planning that was relaxed and completely focused on what WE wanted, to the vendor recommendations (Croatian Center was BEAUTIFUL and Chris was the best!) to all the big day surprises, everything was beyond perfect! We would LOVE to be a reference for you anyway we can.

    Thank you again!

    Kelly Rokosz
    The very happy Bride

  2. Kelly Rokosz says:

    PS- Premier Video was equally fantastic! We weren’t going to get a video, but we are SO glad we did! We LOVE our video, and so do all of our family and friends that see it. It is a WONDErFUL reminder of a wonderful day! As aware as you are on your wedding day, there are certain things you’ll never remember perfectly because there is so much going on. We have all of our hilarious toasts, fun dances, and reactions forever. Also, my husband and I were amazed by how nonintrusive the videographers were! We have EVERY moment, from the vows to the cake cutting to the toasts and dancing and everything in between, but nothing was ever ruined by a video camera in the way. We now tell all of our friends to get video for their wedding, but only if they can get Randy and his people!

    Thank you again!

    Kelly Rokosz
    The Happy Bride

  3. Paul Rokosz says:

    Unless you’ve been to a wedding that’s used Premier Entertainment, you need to forget everything you think you know about DJ wedding entertainment. The amount of time that Randy spends in order to get your wedding entertainment perfectly in tune with what you want is remarkable. Randy’s experience is top-notch; he’s seen it all, so he knows exactly how to make the most out of your party. Randy’s also had experience working at so many different venues with so many different people. They all have great relationships with him because they know his professional attitude always keeps him at the top of his game. You can rest assured that all of his DJs are very talented and that they’re all “serious about having fun”. I know that my wedding would have been fun and special no matter what, but Premier Entertainment’s involvement made it truly unforgettable. I never expected so many people to tell me that my wedding was the funnest wedding they’ve ever been to. For that, thank you Randy!

  4. Katie Bossenmaier says:

    Randy is the best! I was in two weddings in 6 months and he worked both, and each one was perfect for the couple getting married! This goes to show that Randy is adaptable and always puts the couple and what they want for their special day first. This past year was a year of weddings for me, and I have seen how and MC can make or break a wedding… and Randy sure makes it a night to remember (in a great way of course)! Randy also has little tricks up his sleeve that go above and beyond. If you can take any advice from me it is HIRE RANDY and his crew because you wont be let down.

  5. Randy says:

    Paul & Kelly,

    Thanks for all the kind words. I love working with people who are passionate about their weddings and who really want it to be fun and unique. Chicago’s got nothing on us!


    When your time comes, I’d be honored and thrilled to make your wedding just as fun and unique as Kelly’s and Amelia’s. I just love your sense of humor and wicked wit. You looked great in the highlight clip, too! I really pride myself on making every wedding different and specific to each couple. Thanks for noticing!

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