LaVaun & Christy

On June 23rd, 2013, we had the pleasure of providing the entertainment for the wedding ceremony and reception for the Perfect Pair, LaVaun Eades and Christy Gold at Timber Creek Ballroom in Roseville.  Jenny Giallanza, the Director of Fun from Timber Creek is always a joy to work with and it was an awesome day full of laughter, tears, cheers, dancing, celebration and love.

We played the Newlywed Game, with a Giants cap for LaVaun and handkerchief for Christy, who has been known to get a little misty at sentimental times.  Their hysterical Love Story followed dinner, and then several awesome toasts before they shared their first dance and some very powerful parents dances, including one with Christy and her incredible son, Austin.

We had a very different style Anniversary Dance, which ended up honoring their good friends, Bean & Sarah, who were celebrating their 5 year anniversary that very day.  At the end of the night, we culminated with a fun and sentimental farewell dance to The Story, before playing So Long, Farewell as their exit music.

Our Open Air Photo Booth was a big hit, as always.  Below is the highlight video we made from those photos.


Bashir & Tracy El-Khoury

Bashir El-Khoury and Tracy Broadley were married on July 22nd, 2011 and had their reception celebration in the Capitol View Room at the top of the Hyatt Regency in Sacramento, one of the most stunning views in the area.

Tracy is a nurse and Bashir is a flight surgeon serving in the United States Air Force and assistant at Dr. Sandro LaRocca clinic. His family is Lebanese and some, including his parents, traveled all the way from Lebanon for their big day.

Bashir & Tracy attended a wedding at which we performed back on May 28th, 2011 for Nolan & Jessica Umana, who had discovered Premier Entertainment at the wedding of Cory & Lauren Kleinfeldt on August 1, 2009…

This was a great celebration, truly taking into account the unique desires of this great couple. From Lebanese dancing to Tracy’s beautiful piano performance of a Liszt piece to hilarious wedding party introductions and insanely funny toasts, a very entertaining video montage created by Premier Entertainment and Tracy even opening with a quick welcoming in Arabic, this reception was an international celebration of epic proportions. Below are highlights of the reception, along with their video montage. The music for Bashir’s portion of the video fired up their guests and really helped set the tone for the celebration.

Thanks for letting us be a part of this great day!

Wedding Reception Highlights for Bashir & Tracy El-Khoury from Randy Bartlett on Vimeo.

Here is their video montage we created:

Video Montage for Bashir & Tracy El-Khoury from Randy Bartlett on Vimeo.

Marc & Alex Johnston – Grand Island Mansion

We’ve performed at more than 25 weddings at the Grand Island Mansion over the years, so I thought I knew the place pretty well, but they’ve undergone a major renovation since I was last there.  It was exciting to see such a historic and awesome place made even more spectacular.  Now being managed by Rick Francis, with whom I’ve had the priviledge of serving on the board of the Association of Wedding Professionals, International, this venue is spectacular!

So with a very fun couple, a spectacular, well-managed venue and *ahem* an outstanding entertainment company, this was destined to be an epic celebration!  Marc Johnston, an officer for the California Highway Patrol and Alex Wawrzynski, a firefighter for the Novato Fire District were married on November 18th, 2011 in the ballroom and then moved with their guests to the main dining area for a great dinner, a fun coloring contest for the kids (and more than a few adults) and their funny and romantic Love Story.  Afterwards, it was back into the ballroom for dancing, and Marc & Alex dazzled everyone with their choreographed first dance, before everyone cut loose in celebration.

It’s always to honor to serve those who serve us, and since Marc and Alex are both community servants working in heroic professions, literally putting their lives on the line for all of us, this was an especially rewarding celebration for us.  We added some nice uplighting in the main dining room as well as in the ballroom and enjoyed the very personal approach they took, including a more low key introduction of their wedding party, which they each delivered sincerely.

Marc & Alex, thanks for your service to community, congratulations on your marriage and thank you for including Premier Entertainment & Video!

Here are some highlights:

Tim & Krystle Ellis Photo Booth

Roseville’s Timber Creek Ballroom was the setting for the wedding and reception of Tim & Krystle Ellis on April 28, 2012, and Premier Entertainment was chosen to provide the entertainment, Master Of Ceremonies and Wedding Entertainment Director, as well as providing our incredible Open Air Photo Booth and videography service.

We had a great time planning all the fun in the months leading up to the wedding and when the big day came, it was another smash success!  From the personalized wedding party introductions through the specially edited 1:40 It’s Your Love first dance until the finale late in the night, Tim & Krystle and their families and friends had the time of their lives, including Krystle’s 100 year old great grandmother, Thelma Kirkish.

When Krystle presented her mom, Cathleen, with a surprise bouquet, it was a very touching moment and preceded a fun bouquet toss for all the single women.  But it just kept getting better, and when the guests weren’t rocking on the dance floor, they were rocking the Photo Booth.  This video shows just a few highlights from that part of the wedding.  We even surprised a few people (including Krystle) by putting a few photos from their ceremony right into the Photo Booth live montage, which was playing just outside the booth on a 32″ flat screen for all to enjoy.

Photography was provided by Jacqueline Willard of Jacqueline Photography.

Drew & Karaleigh – The Big Reveal

Drew Johnstun & Kara Leigh Stofle were married on January 14th, 2011 at Granite Bay Golf Club.  We were honored to provide the entertainment for the reception and doubly honored to help do the “big reveal.”

Karaleigh and Drew had a big surprise for all of their guests.  Most of them knew that she was a few weeks pregnant, but almost no one knew if it was to be a boy or girl, because she only found out a few days before the wedding.

Her mom, Sherry, wanted to do a big reveal at ther reception and together, we came up with a great plan.  She had the color photo of the sonogram, which she gave to us.  We had her do the last toast and during her toast, she pointed to the screen as we put the sonogram up on Granite Bay’s big screen.  Then, very slowly, in pink at the bottom of the photo, the words “Olivia Leigh” appeared to great applause!

Afterwards, Sherry did a fabulous job of setting up the father daughter dance, which was to be another surprise.  The screen changed to show a balloon with the words, “It’s a girl!” on it, as the opening notes of “I Loved Her First” began to play.  Watch in the video as Karaleigh’s dad, Mark, finally realizes that the photos behind him are changing in beat with the song, and the photos are all of him and Karaleigh.  He does a couple of double-takes and then once he realizes what’s on the screen, he never looks away again.  That balloon that was on the screen was not announcing Olivia Leigh, but Karaleigh!  To see the full length video montage, click here.  Our montages are more than just photos and music – we really tell a story!)

Afterwards, we danced and celebrated with some fun and unique twists.  Watch as they cut their wedding cake, using an ax, as Drew is a firefighter.  And then, being a 49er fan, he tosses a 49er football with the garter around it, and even signs it with a Sharpie he pulls from his sock, a la Terrell Owens.  An Anniversary Dance for all the married couples ended with two sets of grandparents who had each been married for 58 years imparting some great wisdom to Drew and Karaleigh.  It was a great family celebration, from the ceremony to their sparkler exit, and we were proud to be included!

Eric & Fiona – A Shrek-ish Wedding

With a bride named “Fiona,” and a groom named “Eric” who stands towering above everyone else, the Shrek jokes were bound to come, and Eric & Fiona loved it.

Married on his Dad’s property in Woodland on June 6th, 2009, Eric was the quiet giant, while Fiona was the beautiful princess.  Their reception followed, with personalized introductions of the wedding party, a Fairy Tale Love Story, beautiful lighting and dancing into the night.

Eric surprised Fiona with their first dance, “Look At You Girl,” and we surprised them both by embedding their wedding vows into the song.

But for me personally, the highlight was a strange conversation I had with one of  Fiona’s bridesmaids, her sister in law, Jamee.  Later in the evening, while the dancing was in full swing, she came over to me and said that Fiona had told her about this awesome DJ she had hired, that she had seen him (me) at another wedding and that he was really great – kept everything moving, got everyone involved and was really funny.  So far, so good.  But then she said, “So I thought you were going to be really obnoxious, but you’re NOT!  You’re really very sweet and easygoing.”  She sounded surprised at that.


I asked her to explain that.  I mean, it didn’t make any sense.  If Fiona was saying her DJ was great, how did that become obnoxious in her mind?

Jamee said it was because every time she heard somebody talk about a DJ who “kept things moving,” he turned out to be on the microphone a lot, telling everyone what to do, and whenever a DJ was said to “get everyone involved,” it meant that they were forcing people to do things that they didn’t want to do.  It never occured to her that it could be done without the DJ being the center of attention.

Oh.  Glad she cleared that up.  And, I was thrilled to find out I had changed another person’s perception of what wedding entertainment could be.

Their photographer, Jeremy, from Sharpe Photographers, captured it all in typical Sharpe Photography fashion – fast, non-intrusive and with a sense of fun. 

Check out some highlights!

Aaron & Katie – Forest House Lodge

On November 6, 2009, I had my first opportunity to work at The Forest House Lodge in Foresthill, at Aaron & Katie’s wedding and reception.

The ceremony takes place just down the road, at a spectacular mountain setting.  It was truly a breath-taking view and with a November setting, the fall colors were in full bloom.  Although we had an awesome reception after the ceremony, I really think that just the ceremony itself provided enough WOW factor that they could have stopped right there.

The wedding party entered to Dave Matthew’s #34, and then Katie walked in on her dad’s arm to an instrumental loop we created from Ben Harper’s “Forever,” which would be used later for the first dance.

Following the ceremony, guests drove back to the  Forest House Lodge, a rustic, very charming Hotel along the main drive in Foresthill.  The staff and owner, Kathryn Gardenhire, couldn’t have been more friendly and helpful.  Like us, they actually enjoy weddings!  As guests entered the room, the music was an upbeat collection of “fun stuff,” from Sam Cooke to Jack Johnson to Santana to Van Morrison, Bob Marley and more.  We provided uplighting in the room, with rich fall colors.

When Aaron & Katie arrived, along with their wedding party, we did a reverse introduction, where we began by introducing Aaron & Katie and then their wedding party.  This allowed each member of the wedding party to have a fun custom intro, and then walk directly to Aaron & Katie and hug them, fist bump, high five, or just keep laughing.  The energy continued to build as more and more of the wedding party joined on the dance floor, and when we brought in the last one to “Let’s Get Loud,” by J-Lo, that became the song to which the entire wedding party began dancing “spontaneously.”  (Those who know us, know that we can make just about anything appear to be spontaneous – it’s so much more fun that way.)

Afterwards, Aaron did a short welcoming, followed by the tradition Jewish Hamottzi and Kiddush before their guests enjoyed an awesome dinner.

Toasts followed, with Katie’s Dad, Chip, giving the final toast, which he ended by inviting his daughter to the dancefloor, where they shared an old favorite, “Lullaby” by Billy Joel, but this time, it was made more special because Katie had recorded a special message to her dad, which we mixed into the song.

Aaron & Katie then shared their first dance, “Forever,” by Ben Harper, which we shortened from its original 3:23 to 2:21, making a more comfortable length for them.

Finally, Aaron brought out his grandmother, Bunny, and danced with her to “Sentimental Journey” with Doris Day on vocals.  All family members were invited to join in part way through, and it was very touching.

And then we went from sentimental to celebration as we kicked off the dancing.  The place was jumping!

Later, they shared their wedding cake while we played “Sugar, Sugar” and followed with the bouquet and garter removal and toss.   Songs used included “Pretty Woman,” “Hot Stuff,” “Mission Impossible” and the Fox NFL theme as Aaron used a Denver Broncos football to throw the garter.

We kicked the dancing back off with the traditional Hora, but as you’ll see in the video, the Forest House Lodge has very low ceilings, so we didn’t have much room for error!

We continued dancing throughout the evening and it was all captured on video by Phil Sheffield of Sheffield Multi-Media, a real artisan and a genuine good guy.

Congratulations and Mazel Tov!

Andy & Michelle – Library Galleria

Andy Fogarty & Michelle Killebrew held their reception at the Tsakopolous Library Galleria in downtown Sacramento. Elegant, beautiful, fun, smooth-flowing and a celebration for the ages, this reception back on October 28, 2006 had it all!

Custom introductions of their wedding party, incredible family toasts, a surprise heart-tugging special phone message from Michelle’s family in Italy, which we arranged through her dad, and dancing into the night made this a celebration for the ages.

Their wedding coordinator was Lora Ward, from A Day To Remember and as usual, her penchant for extraordinary decor was evident throughout. 

And of course, it was all captured on video by Premier Video.  Check out some highlights!  Some of this video is on our short demo on our home page.

David & Jaime – Newcastle Wedding Gardens

David Gurevich & Jaime Finnecum were married on June 12th at Newcastle Wedding Gardens.  Photography was by Rick & Lee Siegel, (click on their photo to the left) who, in addition to being awesome photographers, are just about the nicest people you’ll ever meet.  It’s always a joy to work with pros who can see the wedding day as a whole, instead of just “doing their job.” 

David is an Atlanta Braves fan, so he had a groom’s cake in an exact replica of a Braves hat, and we played the tomahawk chant as he cut it.  As a Giants fan, I find that chant unbelievably annoying, but I just kept telling myself we would win it all in the end!

During introductions, we played Hang On Sloopy for groomsman Joe Pellington, an unrepentant fan of Ohio State, along with custom song choice for the rest of the wedding party, including, Viva Las Vegas, Sunglasses At Night, The Fireman, Bad Boys, Just Dance, and more. 

David & Jaime entered to Shipping Up To Boston.

Their 1st dance was Lady Antebellum’s “When You Got A Good Thing.”

In keeping with her love of penguins, Jaime selected “Personal Penquin” by Davy Jones for their traveling music as they exited at the end of the night.

We also acknowledged some very long marriages, did a fun centerpiece giveaway, played the Shoelywed Game, played two surprise long distance toasts, played back their highlights during their final dance and danced their guests until their feet hurt.  The room was accented by our awesome color changing uplights, which you can see in the attached video!

Troy & Christina – Woodland Hotel

The Woodland Hotel was the setting for Troy & Christina Thompson’s wedding reception on March 28, 2009.  Catererd by Cracchiolo’s, and with their wedding coordinator, Alison Ulshoffer, along with Premier Entertainment & Video, the day was a smashing success.

We began by introducting Christina’s parents, Jim & Patsy Brookshire, who had been married for 34 years, followed by the introduction of Troy’s parents, , who were married for 39 years!  They were fortunate to have several grandparents in attendance as well, and each were introduced to enthusiastic applause.

Troy & Emma ThompsonThe wedding party was introduced next, to plenty of laughter and applause as we related funny and interesting facts about each one. 

Songs used included:

The Fireman
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Beauty School Dropout
Speed Racer
Shop Around
Beer Is Good For You
Fore She Was Mama
I’m Too Sexy
Three Little Birds
Big Ol’ Truck
Save A Horse
The Night They Invented Champagne
Dukes Of Hazzard
Thunderstruck (for Troy & Christina)

Troy & Christina’s first dance began as “It’s Your Love,” by Faith Hill & Tim McGraw, but when the “record skipped,” they broke into an evolution of dance style dance, which included “Rock Around The Clock,” “The Twist,” “YMCA” and “Apache.”  They ended by stepping back into each other’s arms for the end of “It’s Your Love.”

Check it out!