The price you pay for entertainment is directly proportional to the quality you receive, which is directly proportional to the success of your event.

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Premier Entertainment is not a place to find a “cheap DJ.”   Premier Entertainment specializes in those clients who believe that the quality of their entertainment will directly reflect on the outcome and success of their event and are willing to invest accordingly.

In order to give an accurate price, we first need to work with you to uncover your goals for your wedding.  If you just want someone to play a list of songs and hope people dance, there are probably better options for you than Premier Entertainment, but if you want to create an atmosphere of genuine enthusiasm, love, energy, celebration and memories that reflect who you are and what you want for your guests, please give us a call.

While we charge more than your typical, cliché DJ in the corny vest whose best idea for “getting things going” is the Chicken  Dance, our rates are truly affordable for just about any reasonable budget, typically ranging from around $1500-$3,000, with lots of options in between.  Special pricing options are available for non-peak dates and we have special rates for active military, law enforcement and firefighters.

Call us for your free, no-obligation consultation to discuss the specifics of your wedding or other special event, and we’ll be able to make a recommendation that will help you choose the best possible entertainment for your special day.  We Promise!

Contact us to get more information or to set up your free consultation now.