Aaron & Katie – Forest House Lodge

On November 6, 2009, I had my first opportunity to work at The Forest House Lodge in Foresthill, at Aaron & Katie’s wedding and reception.

The ceremony takes place just down the road, at a spectacular mountain setting.  It was truly a breath-taking view and with a November setting, the fall colors were in full bloom.  Although we had an awesome reception after the ceremony, I really think that just the ceremony itself provided enough WOW factor that they could have stopped right there.

The wedding party entered to Dave Matthew’s #34, and then Katie walked in on her dad’s arm to an instrumental loop we created from Ben Harper’s “Forever,” which would be used later for the first dance.

Following the ceremony, guests drove back to the  Forest House Lodge, a rustic, very charming Hotel along the main drive in Foresthill.  The staff and owner, Kathryn Gardenhire, couldn’t have been more friendly and helpful.  Like us, they actually enjoy weddings!  As guests entered the room, the music was an upbeat collection of “fun stuff,” from Sam Cooke to Jack Johnson to Santana to Van Morrison, Bob Marley and more.  We provided uplighting in the room, with rich fall colors.

When Aaron & Katie arrived, along with their wedding party, we did a reverse introduction, where we began by introducing Aaron & Katie and then their wedding party.  This allowed each member of the wedding party to have a fun custom intro, and then walk directly to Aaron & Katie and hug them, fist bump, high five, or just keep laughing.  The energy continued to build as more and more of the wedding party joined on the dance floor, and when we brought in the last one to “Let’s Get Loud,” by J-Lo, that became the song to which the entire wedding party began dancing “spontaneously.”  (Those who know us, know that we can make just about anything appear to be spontaneous – it’s so much more fun that way.)

Afterwards, Aaron did a short welcoming, followed by the tradition Jewish Hamottzi and Kiddush before their guests enjoyed an awesome dinner.

Toasts followed, with Katie’s Dad, Chip, giving the final toast, which he ended by inviting his daughter to the dancefloor, where they shared an old favorite, “Lullaby” by Billy Joel, but this time, it was made more special because Katie had recorded a special message to her dad, which we mixed into the song.

Aaron & Katie then shared their first dance, “Forever,” by Ben Harper, which we shortened from its original 3:23 to 2:21, making a more comfortable length for them.

Finally, Aaron brought out his grandmother, Bunny, and danced with her to “Sentimental Journey” with Doris Day on vocals.  All family members were invited to join in part way through, and it was very touching.

And then we went from sentimental to celebration as we kicked off the dancing.  The place was jumping!

Later, they shared their wedding cake while we played “Sugar, Sugar” and followed with the bouquet and garter removal and toss.   Songs used included “Pretty Woman,” “Hot Stuff,” “Mission Impossible” and the Fox NFL theme as Aaron used a Denver Broncos football to throw the garter.

We kicked the dancing back off with the traditional Hora, but as you’ll see in the video, the Forest House Lodge has very low ceilings, so we didn’t have much room for error!

We continued dancing throughout the evening and it was all captured on video by Phil Sheffield of Sheffield Multi-Media, a real artisan and a genuine good guy.

Congratulations and Mazel Tov!