Drew & Karaleigh – The Big Reveal

Drew Johnstun & Kara Leigh Stofle were married on January 14th, 2011 at Granite Bay Golf Club.  We were honored to provide the entertainment for the reception and doubly honored to help do the “big reveal.”

Karaleigh and Drew had a big surprise for all of their guests.  Most of them knew that she was a few weeks pregnant, but almost no one knew if it was to be a boy or girl, because she only found out a few days before the wedding.

Her mom, Sherry, wanted to do a big reveal at ther reception and together, we came up with a great plan.  She had the color photo of the sonogram, which she gave to us.  We had her do the last toast and during her toast, she pointed to the screen as we put the sonogram up on Granite Bay’s big screen.  Then, very slowly, in pink at the bottom of the photo, the words “Olivia Leigh” appeared to great applause!

Afterwards, Sherry did a fabulous job of setting up the father daughter dance, which was to be another surprise.  The screen changed to show a balloon with the words, “It’s a girl!” on it, as the opening notes of “I Loved Her First” began to play.  Watch in the video as Karaleigh’s dad, Mark, finally realizes that the photos behind him are changing in beat with the song, and the photos are all of him and Karaleigh.  He does a couple of double-takes and then once he realizes what’s on the screen, he never looks away again.  That balloon that was on the screen was not announcing Olivia Leigh, but Karaleigh!  To see the full length video montage, click here.  Our montages are more than just photos and music – we really tell a story!)

Afterwards, we danced and celebrated with some fun and unique twists.  Watch as they cut their wedding cake, using an ax, as Drew is a firefighter.  And then, being a 49er fan, he tosses a 49er football with the garter around it, and even signs it with a Sharpie he pulls from his sock, a la Terrell Owens.  An Anniversary Dance for all the married couples ended with two sets of grandparents who had each been married for 58 years imparting some great wisdom to Drew and Karaleigh.  It was a great family celebration, from the ceremony to their sparkler exit, and we were proud to be included!