Photo Booth

photoboothIf you think all photo booths are the same, you’ve never experienced the Open Air Photo Booth with Premier Entertainment!

Like with everything we do at Premier Entertainment, we think about entertainment value first and foremost, so when we added a photo booth, we knew this wasn’t about “taking photos.”

Heck, every guest at your event has a camera in their pocket, so do you really need another camera?

With Premier Entertainment’s Open Air Photo Booth, it’s all about the fun!

Check out what our photo booths can create for your event! 

The Premier Entertainment Open Air Difference

    1. Wedding Photo Booth StripSize. When others say their booths can fit “up to” five or six people, take a look at how they fit.  Sticking their head through a side curtain isn’t exactly “fitting.”  Our Open Air Booth easily fits groups of 10-12 people or more, in a space smaller than most typical booths.  Look how fun it is!
    2. Participation Besides holding more guests, being open means that those in the booth tend to play to the crowd and ham it up even more and then everyone wants in!  We average well over 600 shots per event!
    3. Flexibility.  It’s the best of both worlds – even though it’s open, it can also be enclosed.  For those guests who want a more intimate, private photo booth, we can make that happen with a beautiful pipe and drape enclosure.
    4. Fun Attendant.  While most photo booths tell you they supply an attendant, most of them supply an attendant for the booth, not for the guests.  Our attendants are about making the experience fun, helping with poses and props and ideas. 
    5. Props.  Sure, everyone uses props, but since most photo booth operators aren’t entertainers, they often just bring a couple of hats and a stick mustache or two.  We carefully choose high quality props that are extremely popular and which allow the guests to exude the kind of phototude that makes your photo booth a smash hit.
    6. Big Screen Display. Each photo is displayed on a big screen, for all the guests to see immediately.  The screen will show an automated slide show of all photos and you can even include photos you give us in advance or even photos from your wedding ceremony, which took place just moments before.
    7. Langley Group photo stripCustom backdrops.  Because you choose the backdrop, it can be anything you want, including  a beautiful fountain or tree or lake at your venue.  Or we can make the backdrop white, or black, or themed or even green screen, allowing you to have your guests look like they’re standing in front of the Eiffel Tower or AT&T Park or Times Square or anything else you can imagine.
    8. Entertainment placement.  Because we are entertainers first and foremost, we undertand the importance of where the photo booth is set up.  Most photo booth companies will tell you it doesn’t matter where they set up, that they can set it anywhere, and that’s true, if all you care about is taking photos.  But if you care about the overall success of the event, then careful placement of your photo booth is critical to its success.
    9. Appropriate Fun.  Because it’s open, you’re far less likely to get inappropriate photos from guests who may later be embarrassed about those shots.
    10. The Big Picture.  With our background in entertainment and our eye to the big picture, we also know when and how to fire people up and when to close it down.  We won’t have people in your photo booth during your first dance or toasts or when the boss is making his big presentation.  There’s a time for everything and having an entertainment company like Premier Entertainment in charge of your photo booth means you’ll get the greatest participation without taking away from the other key moments of your day.