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  • Is there really a difference between a Master of Ceremonies and a DJ?
  • Some DJs work alone and some work with assistants. Do I really need two people there?
  • Why are you more expensive than other DJs?
  • We want a DJ who is fun, but we don’t want him to take over the reception. Is this possible?
  • How much planning will you do with us?
  • Is there really a difference between a Master of Ceremonies and a DJ?

    Master of Ceremonies: A Wedding Entertainment Director is a wedding professional who has demonstrated by passing the rigorous standards of the Wedding Entertainment Directors Guild (WEDG) superior knowledge and skills in seven specific areas: Comprehensive Personalization, Creative Involvement, Event Direction, Talented Spokesperson, Music Programming, Appropriate Presentation and Quality Amplification. All Wedding Entertainment Directors are qualified as a DJ and MC, but not all DJs and MCs are qualified as Wedding Entertainment Directors.

    If you’ve seen a cheesy, obnoxious or boring DJ, (and who hasn’t?) then you know what we mean. It seems that every DJ thinks they’re funny. Sadly, a large percentage of them are wrong.

    A professional MC has probably had some real training and experience with speaking in front of large groups of people. They should have excellent organizational skills, because a big part of the MC‘s job is to keep the event flowing smoothly, even when unexpected delays occur.

    Your MC should be able to get their point across with proper diction and grammar, and should be able to make their point succinctly, so as not to spend an inordinate amount of time on the microphone. Just as some photographers can take a great shot in a few seconds, while other photographers take three or four times as long for the “same shot,” some DJs take 30-40 seconds to say what should be said in 10-15 seconds. Add that up over the course of a five hour wedding reception, and suddenly you have a “chatty DJ,” even though he’s only making the required announcements.

    The biggest difference between DJs, MCs and WEDs is in the results. Nobody really wants a great DJ – they simply want a great wedding reception, and that’s what we deliver each and every time, which is why we’ve been a referral based company since 1995. Our clients know the difference.

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    Some DJs work alone and some work with assistants. Do I really need two people there?

    It depends on many factors. For a wedding reception, if you have a single DJ working alone, it will likely be very difficult for him or her to smoothly coordinate all the different aspects of the reception. If all you want is for him to play music and make basic announcements, then a single DJ is probably acceptable. But if you want a true Master Of Ceremonies, then he needs to be free to move around the room, while still keeping a DJ/sound engineer in place at the DJ booth.

    Gathering the wedding party for introductions, toasts, specialty dances and other activities can be a full-time job. Of course, you could always just have the DJ get on the microphone and announce, “Could we please have the wedding party come to the head table for the toast?” But, that would get pretty old throughout your reception don’t you think? Directing the details of your reception is better done off the microphone, quietly, and behind the scenes.

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    Why are you more expensive than other DJs?

    We can’t speak for other DJs , but there are three factors that go into pricing for DJs . First is the cost of doing business. Everything from our state of the art equipment, including onsite backup gear, to extensive music libraries, liability insurance to protect you and your guests to the proper attire, usually formal wear.

    Second is the quantity of service we provide. Don’t confuse this with the quality of service, but it’s still important. How much time would you like to spend with your entertainment planning fun and unique ideas, brainstorming creative ways to personalize your wedding and looking for something your guests haven’t seen over and over? A real business, with a real office and real people in that office to help you with all of your planning. We want to be able to give you the amount of time you deserve. Nobody gives you more help than we do. But if you already know exactly what you want and don’t want to spend any additional time creating something extra special, then we have packages that reflect that level of service as well. But at Premier Entertainment, you have the choice.

    Finally, and most importantly, are the results we create. Nobody really wants a great DJ – they just want a great reception, right? The best way to create that great reception is to hire the best possible wedding entertainer you can, and we work very hard to keep our skills at a level far beyond what you’ve been used to seeing. Randy Bartlett, the owner of Premier Entertainment is one of the foremost trainers of DJs in the country, and is highly sought after as a speaker and trainer all over the country, and is the author and producer of The 1% Solution, the most successful training tool for mobile DJs ever produced. Randy personally trains the entire staff, making Premier Entertainment one of the best trained DJ staffs in the country.

    In addition, Randy has honed his skills at countless conventions, workshops and seminars with some of the other leading DJ professionals in the country.

    Like any other profession, those specialists at the top tend to earn a little more than those in the middle. So while you’ll pay a little more to have Premier Entertainment provide your wedding entertainment, you’ll find that we may be the best value, dollar for dollar, that you’ll spend on your wedding. At least, that’s what our clients tell us.

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    We want a DJ who is fun, but we don’t want him to take over the reception. Is this possible?

    Of course. Just ask any of our existing clients. The big problem is that the obnoxious DJs never think they’re being obnoxious. It’s not about how much the DJ says or does, it’s about how well it’s done. If it’s comfortable, natural and warm, it will be well accepted by your guests. If it’s forced or feels like a big act, then some people will be turned off. Make sure you see actual video footage of your DJ in action, on the microphone before you hire them.

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    How much planning will you do with us?

    More than you can imagine! There are several stages of planning. First, and most importantly, you will meet directly with your MC to create the entire agenda for the evening, to determine when and how you want things to happen. For most people, they have a basic concept of what they want, but they may not know all of their options. For example, most people have seen basic wedding party introductions. That may be exactly what you want, but there are so many other ways to honor your wedding party rather than just bringing them into the room and announcing their name. By sitting down with your MC and viewing different styles of introductions, you can choose and create your own unique introductions.

    There are so many different parts of the reception to plan, and every couple has their own unique issues. Take the parents’ dances, for example. If both sets are parents are still married, that’s one set of circumstances. But what if one is divorced? Or both? Or divorcing? Or deceased? Or don’t get along? Or re-married? Step-mom who doesn’t get along with mom? What if the bride and groom have children together? Or children from previous relationships?

    All of these scenarios and more occur all the time. It’s our job to help you choose the right way to handle these issues with compassion and caring, so that everyone has a great time, and no one has hurt feelings. It’s a wedding. It should be a joyous time, not stressful. We can help with planning things that you may have never even considered. Our average planning session is over two hours long, because there’s a lot to talk about!

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